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Kombucha- Liquid gold in my eyes. So yummy and with so many possibilities for flavors. I had my first taste of kombucha buying GT’s Synergy from the store and I was hooked. And then I learned you could actually make this stuff yourself. Ok- I’m in. At $3.50 a pop in the store I wanted to make it in my home and save $ while drinking this healthy beverage full beneficial yeasts that actually help kill off the bad guys that cause candida. And it helps the liver do its work to detoxify the body. My 10 year old loves this stuff. He calls it “Gabe’s Elixir of Life!” I would agree! 

It not hard to make at home. You just need some starter tea and a SCOBY. SCOBY is an acronym for Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeasts. The good guys. Don’t get scared by the words bacteria or YEAST.  When you drink this stuff it over takes the bad yeasts and bacteria and repopulates the digestive tract with healthy bacteria and yeasts that your body needs to stay in balance. That’s a good thing. It also contains high amounts of Glucuronic acid. Great for your joints. As a massage therapist my hands get tired and start to hurt. I have noticed that when I drink kombucha they don’t hurt anymore. The joint pain disappears. I have even tested it by not drinking kombucha and the pain came back. I’m sold. 

You also need some plain white sugar- GASP! I know, WHAT?! Hang on- It’s totally ok. The culture will actually use the sugar for food and help the good guys grow. When it’s done you won’t have any of the white sugar left. Instead you will have a delicious, bubbly fermented tea. So you can still drink Kombucha even if you are going sugar free and doing the 30 clean. It’s my favorite way to add in something bubbly and fermented instead of wine when I am doing a clean challenge. 

Here is my basic recipe below. I’ll be adding more flavor options so be sure to check the site under kombucha for recipes. Enjoy! To your health friends!

Yields 1
A bubbly healthy fermented Tea
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Prep Time
30 min
Prep Time
30 min
  1. 1 SCOBY
  2. 1 cup Starter Tea ( From your last batch or from a friend )
  3. 3-4 quarts filtered water
  4. 1 cup sugar ( regular white works the best but you can use coconut sugar too)
  5. 4 tea bags black tea
  6. 4 tea bags green tea
  1. Place your filtered water in a large part and bring the water to almost boiling. Add in your tea bags and let them steep 10-15 minutes. Remove the tea bags and stir in your sugar until it is dissolved. The next step is IMPORTANT. Let your tea cool. If you don't you will kill your Scoby and your culture in the starter tea. When cool- add your Tea, starter tea and SCOBY to a large GLASS container. Cover the top with a kitchen towel and secure with a paper towel. It needs to breathe, so make sure not to cover it air tight. After 7 days taste it and see if you like it. It should be slightly sweet but not too sweet. You also don't want it too sour either. If you like it after 7 days, go ahead and bottle it and them place in the refrigerator. Or you can move on to doing a second ferment to add different flavors. Be sure to reserve 1 cup of your Kombucha as your next starter tea for the next batch.
  1. You will notice that a second SCOBY will grow on top of your first "Mother" scoby. Simply remove the second one and share with a friend, or store in the refrigerator inside a jar covered with Kombucha.
Adapted from Nourishing traditions
Adapted from Nourishing traditions
Nourishing Tables http://nourishingtables.com/



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