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Kefir cheese! Delicious and Oh so easy to make. Seriously, it doesn’t get easier than putting your kefir in a strainer and letting it sit overnight. In the morning- VOILA- Kefir cheese. Add your salt and spices or herbs to flavor and you have a yummy probiotic that is fantastic in everything. Use raw milk to make your kefir and you have even more probiotics to heal the gut and create smiles galore. I prefer mine with just a bit of Real Salt. I add this kefir cheese to veggies, eggs, rice, leftovers or even on top of some yummy sourdough bread. You kids may just lick it right off the spoon! And you can feel good knowing it healthy for the whole family. Let them eat cheese!

Kefir in Straining basket


Simple Kefir Cheese
Yields 1
An easy delicious soft spreadable cheese make from homemade kefir
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Prep Time
24 hr
Total Time
24 hr
Prep Time
24 hr
Total Time
24 hr
  1. 1 quart homemade Kefir or store bought plain kefir
  2. 1 basket style coffee filter
  3. 1 strainer
  4. real salt
  1. Place the coffee filter in a strainer and pour the 1 quart of kefir into the strainer. Set the strainer over a bowl to catch the whey that will strain out. Cover and place in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  2. After 24 hours the whey will have drained from the kefir and you will be left with a soft spreadable cheese- similar to cream cheese. Place the cheese in a bowl and add real salt or herbs to taste.
  3. SAVE the whey in the fridge for up to 9 months to use in soaking and sprouting your grains, nuts and beans.
  1. Kefir cheese is great as a topping on veggies, rice, soups and sourdough bread. Lots of great uses for this simple dish.
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