Traditional foods. It’s old wisdom, sure. But it’s also a new vision. A desperately needed new vision for today’s culture, in which convenience, chemicals, and profit margins rule. Foodwifery is a supportive community and online cooking class that takes you step by step providing recipes, how to’s and a private Facebook group to support your cooking adventure. 

More than just “a way to cook,” Foodwifery is a culture, a community, a way to live. It’s a high art and a humble joy.

I love being a part of this community and you will too. The Table Transformation classes are a priceless resource that you will refer to over and over again. Laurie and Jamie are like having best friends at your side to educate and inspire you along your traditional foods journey. They help you to “Bloom where you are planted”, using what you have, where you are.

Join me and the community at Foodwifery. Laurie, Jamie and the Foodwifery community is alongside to be with you, help you, laugh with you.

Nurture the art of a healing table.

Join the next Table Transformation . Click here to register

A small monthly fee is charged to be a member of this community but it is Oh, so worth it! 

beautyLaurie and Jamie, Founders of Foodwifery.



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