Hi, I’m Christine Williams ( Chris ) and I am passionate about health, nutrition and wellness. I LOVE to share recipes and teach others how to make and share traditional foods with their families!

 My goal is to encourage and empower you to make traditional foods using the wisdom of our ancestors, to nourish your families and bring these healing foods to your table. 

Traditional Wisdom of our Ancestors

Nourishing Tables  focuses on preparing nutrient dense, healthy foods to nourish your family. Traditional foods are the real, whole, unprocessed ingredients of our ancestors’ kitchens. These simple foods nourished us for centuries, before modern food processing turned our health upside down.

Simply put, traditional foods are those in their most natural state, unadulterated and unrefined. It is these real, whole, nourishing foods enjoyed for generation upon generation that provide the cells of our bodies with the necessary fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients needed for vibrant health. This state of well-being is characterized by a quiet and strong digestive system, superior brain function, blissful sleep, sturdy bones, calm mind and an immune function that prevents infection.
Yet, even the idea of making these traditional foods a reality day in and day out in your family life can seem overwhelming, especially to those dependent on the ease of processed foods or limited by tight schedules.
But by taking the right steps, the process of transitioning yourself and your family to a more nourishing way of life can be easier than you imagine.

 Nutrient dense, real foods that are the foundation of optimal health. Creating meals using local meats, pastured eggs, vegetables, properly prepared grains and legumes, creating cultured vegetables, culturing milk to make kefir, creme fraiche and yogurt, making homemade butter and sourdough bread are the basis of creating healthy food for your entire family that are nurturing, delicious and nutritious. Learn how EASY it really is to PREPARE AND EAT REAL FOOD.

I have been a student of health and wellness for the past 20 years and look forward to sharing what I have learned with you, encouraging you right where you are, starting with what you have.

My Journey

I have been interested in cooking since I was a little girl in the kitchen with my Grandma Sahli. She was from the old world of Poland and I watched her make traditional Polish meals when ever I went to visit. During my summers with her, I helped her roll out the dough and make the stuffing for pierogie- my favorite Polish food. It was a joy to work along side her with flour on my hands while she lovingly taught me how to cut out the dough in circles, fill them and pinch the dough closed. I felt encouraged, loved and empowered to make delicious food with my own hands and that desire has continued throughout my life. I remember the joy, and the smells from her kitchen. I remember the way her homemade foods blessed us. Little did I know, that I was learning an ancient art from one of my ancestors. The wisdom she shared with me, she learned from her mama and her family before her. I wanted to share the same with my own family.

When I became a mama for the first time, I began learning about real whole foods, growing organic vegetables and making our meals using nutrient dense whole foods. Back then, there was no internet blog sites to guide me. My Grandma had passed when I was a teen and could no longer learn from her, so I sought out women who could teach me what they are doing in their own kitchens. I watched, asked questions and practiced in my own kitchen. I learned how to can, garden, ferment, make cheese, bread, yogurt and a multitude of healthy nutrient dense whole foods that my family loved. I wanted to learn all I could to support my 3 little boys with healthy foods and to have them help me in the in the kitchen, just like I did with my grandma. And boy did they love it! They thrived eating these nutritious foods and learned right along with me. 

Gabes butter



Bens puddingAs I continued to cook for my family in the traditional methods, I had many friends who wanted to learn how to cook for their families using real whole foods and learning how to make foods the way our ancestors used to. So I began teaching whole foods cooking classes to teach others how easy it was to make delicious foods that were healthy and unprocessed. In 2015, I decided to start a local WAPF chapter here in Kannapolis NC to share resources to others that wanted information on local farms, stores and buying real whole foods in the area and to continue to educate people in the value of traditional foods.

In June of 2016 I graduated from the Nutritional Therapy Association to become a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. I was now able to include my love of healthy foods and supporting optimal health as a service to my clients in helping them achieve even more of their health goals. My passion that began early as a young girl has become a beautiful way to nurture others and to empower and inspire people to greater health and healing.

I hope these pages will bless you and your families.  I bring you into my home to learn from me, hands on, how I do it. And my kids may join in to! I’ll help you to use what you have, starting right where you are in this journey, making these healthy, whole, nutrient dense foods that you and your family will love! 

 Join me often. This website will be updated with more recipes and information to help you on your way. 

Wishing you health, wellness and happiness,